Special concessions for Cancer United & CU-Fitter Gym members

Reflexology – Oncology/cancer

Advance 6 (pre-book 6 sessions valid for 12 months)
A series of treatments supports restoration and healing.
This allows you to experience the benefits in different areas
of your life.
£ 225.00 
Initial Consultation Reflexology (90 min)£ 45.00
Light Package (Reflexology 40 min/ Reiki 20 min) £ 45.00
Reflexology treatment (60 min)£ 40.00

Angelic Reiki

It is wonderful to feel the loving energy of the angels touch you on many levels, bringing healing and balance.

Initial Consultation Angelic Reiki (90 min)£50.00
Angelic Reiki (60 min)£45.00
Light Package (Angelic Reiki 20 min/Reflexology 40 min)£40.00

Script-Ash-Method Coaching (SAM)

With the transformational Belgian Script-Ash-Method or SAM you use colouring and writing to clear emotions, patterns, beliefs, trauma that remains in your subconscious. You train your brain to make new connections and alter your make-up, balancing your left-, right- and small brain and as a result bringing unity between Father, Mother and Inner child. The SAM helps you to harmonize your inner feminine and masculine energy, your hormonal- and nervous system, your spiritual-, your physical-, your emotional- and your mental body.


4 hour SAM work block£ 130.00
3 1/2 hour SAM work block £ 115.00
3 hour SAM work block £ 100.00
2 1/2 hour SAM work block £85.00
2 hour SAM work block £70.00
1 1/2 hour SAM work block £55.00
1 hour SAM work block £40.00
SAM Group sessions available for progressive schools and
businesses. (min 3 – max 15 )
For enquiries contact Els
T: 01903 / 412 758
M: 0755 / 236 24 29

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