Life Transformation Coaching

Script-Ash-Method (SAM):

“An transformational life coaching method and self-help tool”

SAM (Script-Ash-Method) directs you to a quality of life of YOUR choice.

The Belgian Script-Ash-Method (SAM) transforms you.

This transformational life coaching method SAM helps you to free yourself from unprocessed emotions (such as doubt, guilt, fear, hate, sadness, anger, aggression, stress, trauma’s…) that prevent you from getting the best out of yourself.

By practicing the transformational Script-Ash-Method or SAM, you gain new insights and you teach yourself to better understand your past as well as to accept it.

This practical training helps you clear the emotional debris from your mind  by following 7 steps.

Your brain is being reprogrammed; everything that holds you back is removed, what helps you on the other hand is activated.

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