How does SAM work?

How does SAM work?

“Free as a child we express, write and color”


Free as a child you will express, write and color your emotions, applying the seven steps of the SAM. Doing this creates new connections in the brain.

Your brain and your body will become balanced. You will become more intelligent and more creative.

Your brain (head) and your intuition (hart) will start to work together.

By using your hands you are able to bring that what lives in the subconscious mind to the surface. You make it visible on paper; instill the meaning by the choice of color and the shapes that you have drawn. Hands represent the will. When you say: “Yes, I want to do this” and “Yes, I want to release this”, you allow your hands to do this for you.

Hence you experience happiness and health and are able to enjoy life more the way it is NOW.

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