What is the Script-Ash-Method?

What is the Script-Ash-Method?

 SAM is to the point, clear, clarifying and confronting, but most of all liberating!
In brief it is a training that helps you become happier and get the maximum out of your life.


Script              your own life story
Ash                   to burn, to rise from the ashes as new
Method           a well considered process to reach a certain goal

SAM is a holistic approach to physical, emotional and/or mental problems. It is a well considered, and at the same time playful way, to reprogram your brain.

By practising the Script-Ash-Method, you gain self-consciousness and insights that help you clear your emotional ballast, your frustrations, entrenched perspectives and ideas. It helps you become happier, to be “light” and to be “love”.

SAM releases you from sometimes very old patterns which originated from trauma, emotions, anxiety disorders, depressions, limiting thoughts and beliefs.

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