Oncology Programme: End of Life ~ Palliative ~ Transitional ~ Cancer Care

A holistic integrative health care programme that sits nicely alongside allopathic medicine, to support and improve your cancer recovery journey. An offer of all therapies combined to fully support your four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) over a prolonged period of time. Feel free to call me with your questions or if you are just interested to know more.

A New approach for a New World. A New way of Being. I am responsible for my life. I chose. I dare to be who I AM. Infused Ancient Wisdom , Immune system based, science supported- personal solutions.

Progressive schools, children and young adults

Children need to be guided back into connection to self. Because when that child is in its own light / power, it is in connection to the world, the cosmos, the earth, in short in connection with life! Within this power lies their personal existential freedom, their answers, and they will fulfill themselves and their designed role within society. It brings love and clarity. They feel and express self-confidence, self-love and happiness and maintain a CAN DO approach to life. Please call me for more information.
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